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Baumer Sensors Product Introduction | Malaysia | Authorized Distributors

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Baumer Sensors Distributors






We are Authorized Distributor for Baumer all kinds sensor products, which includes inductive, capacitive, photo electric ,ultrasonic lasers & encoders . We also supply a wide range of motion controlled, incremental encoders.

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Need Catalogue Information Contact Tel: 604-6446113 E-Mail: ---ADVFIT ( Baumer Electric ) Distribution -Need Catalogue Information Contact Tel: 604-6446113 E-Mail: ---ADVFIT -Baumer PENANG, Baumer SELANGOR, Baumer KEDAH, Baumer PRAI, Baumer KULIM, Baumer PERLIS, Baumer KELANTAN, Baumer IPOH, Baumer PERAK, Baumer SELANGOR, Baumer SHAH ALAM, Baumer KUALA LUMPUR, Baumer PAHANG, Baumer KUANTAN, Baumer TERENGGANU, Baumer NEGERI SEMBILAN, Baumer SEREMBAN, Baumer JOHOR, Baumer MELAKA, Baumer SABAH, Baumer SARAWAK, Baumer KUCHING, Baumer SANDAKAN, Baumer MIRI, Baumer Afghanistan, Baumer Albania, Baumer Algeria, Baumer Andorra, Baumer Angola Antigua & Barbuda, Baumer Argentina, Baumer Armenia, Baumer Australia, Baumer Austria, Baumer Azerbaijan , Baumer Bahamas, Baumer Bahrain, Baumer Bangladesh, Baumer Barbados, Belarus, Baumer Belgium, Baumer Belize, Baumer Benin, Baumer Bhutan, Baumer Bolivia, Baumer Bosnia & Herzegovina, Baumer Botswana, Baumer Brazil, Baumer Brunei Darussalam, Baumer Bulgaria, Baumer Burkina Faso, Baumer Burma (Myanmar), Baumer Burundi , Baumer Cambodia, Baumer Cameroon, Baumer Canada, Baumer Cape Verde, Baumer Central African Republic, Baumer Chad , Baumer Chile, Baumer China, Baumer Colombia, Baumer Comoros, Baumer Congo Democratic , Baumer Republic of the Costa Rica, Baumer Côte d'Ivoire, Baumer Croatia, Baumer Cuba, Baumer Cyprus, Baumer E Czech Republic , Baumer Denmark, Baumer Djibouti , Baumer Dominica, Dominican Republic ,Ecuador, East Timor, Baumer Egypt El Salvador, England, Equatorial Guinea Eritrea, Baumer Estonia, Baumer Ethiopia , Baumer Fiji , Baumer Finland, Baumer France , Baumer Gabon Gambia, The Georgia, Germany, Baumer Ghana, Baumer Great Britain, Baumer Greece, Baumer Grenada Guatemala, Guinea, Baumer Guinea-Bissau, Baumer Guyana, Baumer Haiti, Baumer Honduras, Baumer Hungary ,Baumer Hong Kong, Baumer Iceland, Baumer India, Baumer Indonesia, Baumer Iran, Baumer Iraq, Baumer Ireland , Baumer Israel, Baumer Italy , Baumer Jamaica, Baumer Japan, Baumer Jordan , Baumer Kazakhstan, Baumer Kenya, Baumer Kiribati, Baumer Korea North, Baumer Korea South, Baumer Kosovo, Baumer Kuwait, Baumer Kyrgyzstan , Baumer Laos, Baumer Latvia, Baumer Lebanon, Baumer Lesotho, Baumer Liberia, Baumer Libya , Baumer Liechtenstein, Baumer Electric Lithuania, Baumer Luxembourg , Baumer Macedonia , Baumer Madagascar, Baumer Malawi, Baumer Malaysia, Baumer Maldives, Baumer Mali, Baumer Malta, Baumer Marshall Islands, Baumer Mauritania, Baumer Mauritius, Baumer Mexico, Baumer Micronesia, Baumer Moldova, Baumer Monaco, Baumer Mongolia, Baumer Montenegro, Baumer Morocco, Baumer Mozambique, Myanmar , Baumer Namibia, Baumer Nauru, Baumer Nepal, Baumer Netherlands, Baumer New Zealand, Baumer Nicaragua, Baumer Niger ,Nigeria, Baumer Norway, Baumer Northern Ireland , Baumer Oman, Baumer Pakistan, Baumer Palau, Baumer Palestinian , Baumer Panama, Baumer Electric Papua, Baumer New Guinea, Baumer Paraguay, Baumer Peru, Baumer Philippines, Baumer Poland, Baumer Portugal , Baumer Qatar, Baumer Romania, Baumer Russia , Baumer Rwanda , Baumer St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Baumer Samoa, Baumer San Marino, São Tomé & Príncipe, Baumer Saudi Arabia, Baumer Scotland, Baumer Senegal, Baumer Electric Serbia, Seychelles, Baumer Sierra Leone, Baumer Singapore, Baumer Slovakia, Baumer Slovenia, Baumer Solomon Islands, Baumer Somalia, Baumer South Africa, Baumer Spain, Baumer Sri Lanka, Baumer Sudan, Baumer Suriname, Baumer Swaziland, Baumer Sweden, Baumer Switzerland, Baumer, Baumer, Baumer Tajikistan, Baumer Tanzania, Baumer Thailand , Baumer Togo, Baumer Tonga, Baumer Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Baumer Turkey, Baumer Turkmenistan, Baumer Tuvalu , Baumer Uganda, Baumer Ukraine, Baumer United Arab Emirates (UAE), Baumer United Kingdom, Baumer United States (USA) , Baumer Uruguay, Baumer Uzbekistan , Baumer Vanuatu, Baumer Vatican City (Holy See), Baumer Venezuela, Baumer Vietnam , Baumer Western Sahara , Baumer Wales , Baumer Yemen, Baumer Zaire , Baumer Zambia & Baumer Zimbabwe.



Baumer Electric Part List :- IARM 08N1503/S35L , IARM 08P1503/S35L , IARM 12N1503/S35L , IARM 12P1503/S35L , IFF 08.82.05 , IFFK 08N1703/O1S35L , IFFK 08N3703/O1S35L , IFFK 08P1703/O1L , IFFK 08P1703/O1S35L , IFFK 08P3703/O1L , IFFK 08P3703/O1S35L , IFFK 10E9101 , IFFK 12P1101/S35L , IFFK 12P3101/L , IFFK 12P3101/S35L , IFFM 04N1501/O1KS35L , IFFM 04N3501/O1KS35L , IFFM 04P1501/O1KS35L , IFFM 06N15A1/O1L , IFFM 06N15A3/O1S05L , IFFM 06N35A1/O1L , IFFM 06N35A3/O1S05L , IFFM 06P15A1/O1L , IFFM 06P15A3/O1S05L , IFFM 06P35A1/O1L , IFFM 06P35A3/O1S05L , IFFM 08N1703/O2S35L , IFFM 08N17A6/KS35L , IFFM 08N3703/O2S35L , IFFM 08N37A6/KS35L , IFFM 08P1703/O1KS35L , IFFM 08P1703/O2S35L , IFFM 08P17A6/KS35L , IFFM 08P3703/O2S35L , IFFM 08P37A6/KS35L , IFFM 20P1501/KS35P , IFFM 20P17A3/KS35PL , IFFM360P13G1/S14L , IFR 04.82.05 , IFR 05.82.05 , IFR 10.82.01 , IFR 10.82.05 , IFRD 06N17T1/S35 , IFRD 06N37T1/S35 , IFRD 06P17T1/S35 , IFRD 06P37T1/S35 , IFRD 08N17A1/L , IFRD 08N17T1/S35 , IFRD 08N37A1/L , IFRD 08N37T1/S35 , IFRD 08P17T1/S35 , IFRD 08P37T1/S35 , IFRD 12N17T3/S14 , IFRD 12N37T3/S14 , IFRD 12P17T3/S14 , IFRD 12P37T3/S14 , IFRD 18N17T3/S14 , IFRD 18N37T3/S14 , IFRD 18P17T3/S14 , IFRD 18P37T3/S14 , IFRH 08P1501/L , IFRH 12P1501/L , IFRH 12P3501/L , IFRH 18P1501/L , IFRH 18P3501/L , IFRK 12N1102/L , IFRK 12N11V3/L , IFRK 12P1102/L , IFRK 18P1104/L , IFRK 30P1201/L , IFRM 03N1501/KS35L , IFRM 03N1503/Q , IFRM 03N1505/CS35L , IFRM 03N3501/KS35L , IFRM 03N3503/Q , IFRM 03N3505/CS35L , IFRM 03P1501/KS05L , IFRM 03P1501/KS35L , IFRM 03P1503/Q , IFRM 03P1505/CS35L , IFRM 03P3501/KS35L , IFRM 03P3503/Q , IFRM 03P3505/CS35L , IFRM 04N15A1/KS35PL , IFRM 04N15A3/KS35PL , IFRM 04N15A3/S35L , IFRM 04N15A5/Q , IFRM 04N15B1/KS35PL , IFRM 04N35A1/KS35PL , IFRM 04N35A3/KS35PL , IFRM 04N35A3/S35L , IFRM 04N35A5/Q , IFRM 04N35B1/KS35PL , IFRM 04P1513/S35L , IFRM 04P15A1/KS35PL , IFRM 04P15A1/S35L , IFRM 04P15A3/KS05L , IFRM 04P15A3/KS35PL , IFRM 04P15A3/S35L , IFRM 04P15A5/Q , IFRM 04P15B1/KS35PL , IFRM 04P35A1/KS35PL , IFRM 04P35A1/S35L , IFRM 04P35A3/KS35PL , IFRM 04P35A3/S35L , IFRM 04P35A5/Q , IFRM 04P35B1/KS35PL , IFRM 05N15A1/KS35PL , IFRM 05N15A3/KS35PL , IFRM 05N15A3/S35L , IFRM 05N15A5/Q , IFRM 05N35A1/KS35PL , IFRM 05N35A3/KS35PL , IFRM 05N35A3/S35L , IFRM 05N35A5/Q , IFRM 05P15A1/KS05L , IFRM 05P15A1/KS35L , IFRM 05P15A1/KS35PL IFRM 05P15A1/S35L , IFRM 05P15A3/KS05L , IFRM 05P15A3/KS35PL , IFRM 05P15A3/S35L , IFRM 05P15A4 , IFRM 05P15A4/KS35P , IFRM 05P15A5/Q , IFRM 05P35A1/KS35L , IFRM 05P35A1/KS35PL , IFRM 05P35A1/S35L , IFRM 05P35A3/KS35PL , IFRM 05P35A3/S35L , IFRM 05P35A5/Q , IFRM 06N1701/KS35L , IFRM 06N1713/KS35L , IFRM 06N17A1/KS35L , IFRM 06N17A4/KS35L , IFRM 06N17A4/L , IFRM 06N17A4/S35L , IFRM 06N3701/KS35L , IFRM 06N3713/KS35L , IFRM 06N37A1/KS35L , IFRM 06N37A4/KS35L , IFRM 06N37A4/L , IFRM 06N37A4/S35L , IFRM 06P1501/PL , IFRM 06P15A3/S35L , IFRM 06P1701/KS35L , IFRM 06P1701/KS35PL , IFRM 06P1701/RL , IFRM 06P1707 , IFRM 06P1713/KS35L , IFRM 06P1713/KS35PL , IFRM 06P17A1/KS35L , IFRM 06P17A4/KS35L IFRM 06P17A4/L IFRM 06P17A4/S35L IFRM 06P17G1/KS35PL IFRM 06P17V3/PL IFRM 06P3701/KS35L IFRM 06P3701/KS35PL IFRM 06P3713/KS35L IFRM 06P37A1/KS35L IFRM 06P37A4/KS35L IFRM 06P37A4/L IFRM 06P37A4/S35L IFRM 06X9503 IFRM 06X9503/P IFRM 08N1701/KS35L IFRM 08N1703/S14L IFRM 08N1707 IFRM 08N1713/KS35L IFRM 08N17A1/KS35L IFRM 08N17A4/KS35L IFRM 08N17A4/L IFRM 08N17A4/S35L IFRM 08N17T4 IFRM 08N3701/KS35L IFRM 08N3703/S14L IFRM 08N3713/KS35L IFRM 08N37A1/KS35L IFRM 08N37A4/KS35L IFRM 08N37A4/L IFRM 08N37A4/S35L IFRM 08P1701/KS35L IFRM 08P1703/S14L IFRM 08P1707 IFRM 08P1713/KS35L IFRM 08P1713/KS35PL IFRM 08P17A1/KS35L IFRM 08P17A1/KS35PL IFRM 08P17A4/KS35L IFRM 08P17A4/L IFRM 08P17A4/PL IFRM 08P17A4/S35L IFRM 08P17T4 IFRM 08P17V1/S35L IFRM 08P17V3/PL IFRM 08P35A1/S35L IFRM 08P3701/KS35L IFRM 08P3703/S14L IFRM 08P3707 IFRM 08P3713/KS35L IFRM 08P37A1/KS35L IFRM 08P37A4/KS35L IFRM 08P37A4/L IFRM 08P37A4/S35L IFRM 08X9103 IFRM 08X9501/S35 IFRM 08X9503 IFRM 08X9503/S35 IFRM 12N1701/S35L IFRM 12N1704/L IFRM 12N1704/S14L IFRM 12N1707 IFRM 12N3704/L IFRM 12N3704/S14L IFRM 12P13G3/KS35L IFRM 12P1701/S35L IFRM 12P1704/L IFRM 12P1704/S14L IFRM 12P1707 IFRM 12P3701/S13L IFRM 12P3701/S35L IFRM 12P3704/L IFRM 12P3704/S14L IFRM 12X9103 IFRM 12X9503 IFRM 15P1701/L IFRM 18N1701/L IFRM 18N1701/S14L IFRM 18N1701/S35L IFRM 18N1702/L IFRM 18N1703/S14L IFRM 18N3701/L IFRM 18N3701/S14L IFRM 18N3701/S35L IFRM 18N3702/L IFRM 18N3703/S14L IFRM 18P1301/L IFRM 18P1301/S14L IFRM 18P1701/L IFRM 18P1701/PL IFRM 18P1701/S14L IFRM 18P1701/S35L IFRM 18P1702/L IFRM 18P1703/S14L IFRM 18P1704/L IFRM 18P1704/S14L IFRM 18P3301/L IFRM 18P3701/L IFRM 18P3701/S14L IFRM 18P3701/S35L IFRM 18P3702/L IFRM 18P3703/S14L IFRM 18P3704/S14L IFRM 18X9103 IFRM 18X9103/S14 IFRM 18X9503 IFRM 18X9503/P IFRM 30P1101/S14L IFRM 30P1201/L IFRM 30P1501/S14L IFRM 30P1601/L IFRM 30P3101/S14L IFRM 30P3201/L IFRM 30P3501/S14L IFRM 30P3601/L IFRP 12P1501/S14 IFRP 12P1504/S14 IFRP 16P1501/S14 IFRP 18P1501/S14 IFRW 12P1501/S14L IFRW 12P1502/S14L IFRW 18P1501/S14L ILFK 12P1101/I03 ILFK 12P1101/I06 ILFK 12P1501/I03 ILFK 12P1501/I06 IPRM 12I9505/S14 IWFK 20Z8704/S35A IWFM 12L9504/S35A IWFM 12L9505/S35A IWFM 12U9501/O1 IWFM 18L9504/S35A IWFM 18L9505/S35A IWFM 18U7504/S35A IWFM 20I9501/S35 IWFM 20I9503/S35 IWFM 20U9501/S35 IWFM 20U9503/S35 IWFM 20U9509/KS35AP IWRM 04U9701/S05 IWRM 06I9501 IWRM 06I9501/S35 IWRM 06U9501 IWRM 06U9501/S35 IWRM 08I9501 IWRM 08I9501/S35 IWRM 08U9501 IWRM 08U9501/P IWRM 08U9501/S35 IWRM 12I9501/P IWRM 12I9704 IWRM 12I9704/S14 IWRM 12I9705/S14 IWRM 12U9501 IWRM 12U9501/P IWRM 12U9502 IWRM 12U9704/S14 IWRM 12U9705/S14 IWRM 12Z8704/S14C IWRM 18I9501 IWRM 18I9501/S14 IWRM 18I9502 IWRM 18I9511 IWRM 18I9511/S14 IWRM 18I9704/S14 IWRM 18U9501 IWRM 18U9502 IWRM 18U9502/P IWRM 18U9511 IWRM 18U9511/P IWRM 18U9512 IWRM 18U9704/S14 IWRM 18Z8704/S14C IWRM 30I9501 IWRM 30I9501/P IWRM 30I9704/S14 IWRM 30U9501 IWRM 30U9502 IWRM 30U9704/S14 IWRM 30Z8704/S14C IZRM 18N1501 IZRM 18P1501 IZRM 30N1501 IZRM 30P1501 CFAH 30P1200/S14 CFAK 12N1600 CFAK 12N3600 CFAK 12P1103 CFAK 12P1600 CFAK 12P3600 CFAK 18N1600 CFAK 18N3600 CFAK 18P1600 CFAK 18P3600 CFAK 30N1600 CFAK 30N3600 CFAK 30P1600 CFAK 30P3600 CFAM 12N1600 CFAM 12N1600/S14 CFAM 12N3600 CFAM 12N3600/S14 CFAM 12P1600 CFAM 12P1600/S14 CFAM 12P3600 CFAM 12P3600/S14 CFAM 18N1600 CFAM 18N1600/S14 CFAM 18N3600 CFAM 18N3600/S14 CFAM 18P1600 CFAM 18P1600/S14 CFAM 18P3600 CFAM 18P3600/P CFAM 18P3600/S14 CFAM 30N1600 CFAM 30N1600/S14 CFAM 30N3600 CFAM 30N3600/S14 CFAM 30P1600 CFAM 30P1600/S14 CFAM 30P3600 CFAM 30P3600/S14 CFBM 20N1600 CFBM 20N3600 CFBM 20P1600 CFBM 20P3600 CFDK 30N1600 CFDK 30N1600/S14 CFDK 30N3600 CFDK 30N3600/S14 CFDK 30P1600 CFDK 30P1600/S14 CFDK 30P3600 CFDK 30P3600/S14 CFDM 20N1500/S35L CFDM 20N3500/S35L CFDM 20P1500/S35L CFDM 20P3500/S35L SDPF 28R11 ISRM 18N9101/S14 SG 110.24.120 SG 110.24.400 SG 220.24.120 SG 220.24.400 SVN 110.24.2 SVN 110.82.2 SVN 220.24.2 SVN 220.82.2 SVP 110.24.2 SVP 220.24.2 ZKR 118 MZCK 03P1001 MZCK 03P1001/KS35 MZCK 03N1001 MZCK 03N1001/KS35 MZCK 03P1002 MZCK 03P1002/KS35 MZCK 03N1002 MZCK 03N1002/KS35 MZTK 06P1001 MZTK 06P1001/KS35 MZTK 06N1001 MZTK 06N1001/KS35 MZTK 06P1002 MZTK 06P1002/KS35 MZTK 06N1002 MZTK 06N1002/KS35 MZTK 06P1003 MZTK 06P1003/KS35 MZTK 06N1003 MZTK 06N1003/KS35 MZZA 01 MZZA 02 MZZB 01/008 MZZB 01/010 MZZB 01/012 MZZB 01/016 MZZB 01/020 MZZB 01/025 MZZB 02/009 MZZB 02/011 MZZB 02/012 MZZB 02/013 MZZB 02/014 MZZB 02/016 MZZB 02/017 MZZB 02/018 MZZB 02/020 MZZB 02/021 MZZB 02/022 MZZB 02/024 MZZB 02/026 MZZB 02/027 MZZB 02/029 MZZB 02/030 MZZB 02/033 MZZB 02/036 MZZB 02/041 MZZB 02/045 MZZB 02/052 MZZB 02/065 MZZC 01/005 MZZC 01/032 MZZC 01/050 MZZC 01/082 MZZC 01/125 OADM 12I6430/S35A OADM 12I6460/S35A OADM 12U6430/S35A OADM 12U6460/S35A OADM 13I6475/S35A OADM 13I6480/S35A OADM 13I6575/S35A OADM 13I6580/S35A OADM 13U6475/S35A OADM 13U6480/S35A OADM 13U6575/S35A OADM 13U6580/S35A OADM 20I6441/S14F OADM 20I6460/S14F OADM 20I6472/S14F OADM 20I6480/S14F OADM 20I6481/S14F OADM 20I6541/S14F OADM 20I6560/S14F OADM 20I6572/S14F OADM 20I6580/S14F OADM 20I6581/S14F OADM 20S4440/S14F OADM 20S4460/S14F OADM 20S4470/S14F OADM 20S4471/S14F OADM 20S4481/S14F OADM 20S4540/S14F OADM 20S4560/S14F OADM 20S4570/S14F OADM 20S4571/S14F OADM 20S4581/S14F OADM 20I6591 OADM 20I6592 OADR 20I6460/S14F OADR 20I6472/S14F OADR 20I6480/S14F OADR 20I6560/S14F OADR 20I6572/S14F OADR 20I6580/S14F OADM 21I6480/S14F OADM 21I6580/S14F OADM 21I6481/S14F OADM 21I6581/S14F OBDM 12N6910/S35A OBDM 12N6920/S35A OBDM 12N6930/S35A OBDM 12N6940/S35A OBDM 12N6950/S35A OBDM 12P6910/S35A OBDM 12P6920/S35A OBDM 12P6930/S35A OBDM 12P6940/S35A OBDM 12P6950/S35A FHDK 10N1101/KS35 FHDK 10N5110 FHDK 10N5110/S35A FHDK 10N5150 FHDK 10N5150/S35A FHDK 10P5110 FHDK 10P5110/S35A FHDK 10P5150 FHDK 10P5150/S35A FHDK 10N5160/S35A FHDK 10P5160/S35A FHDK 26N5001/S14 FHDK 26P5001 FHDK 26P5001/S14 FHDM 16N5001 FHDM 16N5001/S14 FHDM 16N5004 FHDM 16N5004/S14 FHDM 16P5001 FHDM 16P5001/S14 FHDM 16P5004 FHDM 16P5004/S14 OHDK 10N5150/S35A OHDK 10P5150/S35A OHDM 12N6901/S35A OHDM 12P6901/S35A OHDM 13N6901/S35A OHDM 13P6901/S35A OHDM 13N6951/S35A OHDM 13P6951/S35A OHDM 16N5001 OHDM 16N5001/S14 OHDM 16N5651 OHDM 16P5001 OHDM 16P5001/S14 OHDM 16P5002/S14 OHDM 16P5012 OHDM 16P5012/S14 OHDM 16P5651 OHDM 20P6990/S14C FNDM 12N5001 FNDM 12N5001/S35A FNDM 12P5001 FNDM 12P5001/S35A ONDM 16P5101 ONDM 16P5101/S14 FZAM 08P1001 FZAM 08P1002 FZAM 08P3001 FZAM 08P3001/S35L FZAM 08P3002 FZAM 08P3002/S35L FZAM 12N1104 FZAM 12N1104/S14 FZAM 12N3104 FZAM 12N3104/S14 FZAM 12P1104 FZAM 12P1104/S14 FZAM 12P3104 FZAM 12P3104/S14 FZAM 18N1150 FZAM 18N1155 FZAM 18N6460 FZAM 18N6460/S14 FZAM 18P1150 FZAM 18P6460 FZAM 30N5002 FZAM 30N5003 FZAM 30P5002 FZAM 30P5003 FZDK 10N1101/KS35 FZDK 10N5101 FZDK 10P5101 FZDM 08P1001 FZDM 08P1002 FZDM 08P3001 FZDM 08P3001/S35L FZDM 08P3002 FZDM 08P3002/S35L FZDM 12N5101 FZDM 12N5101/S35A FZDM 12P5101 FZDM 16N5101 FZDM 16N5101/S14 FZDM 16P5101 FZDM 16P5101/S14 OZDK 10N5150 OZDK 10N5150/S35A OZDK 10P5150 OZDK 10P5150/S35A OZDM 16N1001 OZDM 16N1001/S14 OZDM 16P1001 OZDM 16P1001/S14 OZDM 16P1901 OZDM 16P1901/S14 OZDM 16P3001 OZDM 16P3001/S14 FFAK 16NTD1001/L FFAK 16PTD1001/L FFAK 17NTD1001/L FFAK 17NTD1002/L FFAK 17PTD1001/L FFAK 17PTD1002/L FFAM 16PTD1002/L FFAM 17PTD1002/L FFDK 16P50Y0 FODK 23P90Y0 FPAM 18N3151 FPAM 18N3151/S14 FPAM 18P3151 FPDK 10N5101 FPDK 10P3101/KS35 FPDK 10P5101 FPDK 26N5103/S14 FPDK 26P5103/S14 FPDM 12N3401 FPDM 12N3401/S35A FPDM 12N5101 FPDM 12N5101/S35A FPDM 12P3401 FPDM 12P3401/S35A FPDM 12P5101 FPDM 12P5105/S35A FPDM 16N5101 FPDM 16N5101/S14 FPDM 16N5105 FPDM 16N5105/S14 FPDM 16P3921/S14 FPDM 16P5101 FPDM 16P5101/S14 FPDM 16P5105 FPDM 16P5105/S14 FRDK 14N1902/S35A FRDK 14N1903/S35A FRDK 14N3902/S35A FRDK 14N3903/S35A FRDK 14P1902/S35A FRDK 14P1903/S35A FRDK 14P3902/S35A FRDK 14P3903/S35A OPDK 14P1902/S35A OPDK 14P1903/S35A OPDK 14P3902/S35A OPDK 14P3903/S35A OPDM 12N5101 OPDM 12P5101 OPDM 12P5102/S35A OPDM 12P5103/S35A OPDM 12P5104/S35A OPDM 16P5102 OPDM 16P5102/S14 OPDM 16P5103 OPDM 16P5103/S14 FEAM 08P1002 FEAM 08P3002 FEAM 18N3150 FEAM 18N3150/S14 FEAM 18P3150 FEAM 18P3150/S14 FEDK 10N5101 FEDK 10N5101/S35A FEDK 10P1101/KS35 FEDK 10P5101 FEDK 26P5103/S14 FEDM 08P1001 FEDM 08P1002 FEDM 08P3001 FEDM 08P3002 FEDM 12N3401 FEDM 12N3401/S35A FEDM 12N5101 FEDM 12N5101/S35A FEDM 12P3401 FEDM 12P3401/S35A FEDM 12P5101 FEDM 16P5101 FEDM 16P5101/S14 FEDM 16P5105 FEDM 16P5105/S14 FSAM 08D9002 FSAM 18D9651 FSAM 18D9651/S14 FSDK 10D9601 FSDK 26D9003/S14 FSDM 08D9001 FSDM 08D9002 FSDM 12D9601 FSDM 16D9601 FSDM 16D9601/S14 OEDK 10N5101 OEDK 10N5101/S35A OEDK 10P5101 OEDK 14N5101/S35A OEDK 14P5101/S35A OEDM 16P3401 OEDM 16P3401/S14 OEDM 16P5101 OEDM 16P5101/S14 OSDK 10D9001 OSDK 14D9001/S35A OSDM 16D9601 OSDM 16D9601/S14 FGLM 050P8001/S35L FGLM 080P8001/S35L FGLM 120P8001/S35L FGUM 020P8001/S35L FGUM 030P6901/S35A FGUM 030P8001/S35L FGUM 050P6901/S35A FGUM 050P8001/S35L FGUM 080P6901/S35A FGUM 080P8001/S35L FGUM 120P8001/S35L OGUM 030P8001/S35L OGUM 050P8001/S35L OGUM 080P8001/S35L OGUM 120P8001/S35L FEG 12.24.35 FEG 12.24.45 FGDK 28P1001 FGDK 28P3001 FVDK 12N6101/S35A FVDK 12N6401/S35A FVDK 12P6101 FVDK 12P6101/S35A FVDK 12P6401 FVDK 12P6401/S35A FVDK 12P6410/S35A FVDK 12P6501/S35A FVDK 22N6101/S14C FVDK 22N6401/S14C FVDK 22P6101 FVDK 22P6101/S14C FVDK 22P6401 FVDK 22P6401/S14C FVDK 22P6420 FVDK 22P6501/S14C FVDK 09P00Y0 FVDK 10N60Y0 FVDK 10N65Y0 FVDK 10N67Y0 FVDK 10N67Y0/S35A FVDK 10N67Y2 FVDK 10N67YM FVDK 10N67YR FVDK 10N67YS FVDK 10N69Y0 FVDK 10N69Y0/KS35A FVDK 10N69YR FVDK 10N81Y0 FVDK 10N82Y0 FVDK 10N83Y0 FVDK 10P60Y0 FVDK 10P60Y0/KS35A FVDK 10P65Y0 FVDK 10P65Y0/KS35A FVDK 10P67Y0 FVDK 10P67Y0/S35A FVDK 10P67Y2 FVDK 10P67YM FVDK 10P67YR FVDK 10P67YS FVDK 10P69Y0 FVDK 10P69Y0/KS35A FVDK 10P69YR FVDK 10P81Y0 FVDK 10P81Y0/KS35A FVDK 10P82Y0 FVDK 10P82Y0/KS35A FVDK 10P83Y0 FVDK 10P83Y0/KS35A FVDK 14J07Y0 FVDK 14J08Y0 FVDK 31N06Y0 FVDK 31P06Y0 FVDK 31P06Y1 FWDK 10U84Y0 FSE 200C1002 FSE 200C1004 FSE 200C1013 FSE 200C2002 FSE 200C2004 FSE 200C4001 FSE 200C4002 FUE 200C1003 FUE 200C1004 FUE 200C1012 FUE 200C2003 FUE 200C2004 FCE 050C1Y10 FCE 200C1Y00 FCE 200C1Y01 FCE 200D1Y00 FCE 200D1Y01 FCE 200E1Y00 FFE 200D6Y00 FKE 200D1Y00 FLC 200D2Y00 FLE 200C1Y00 FLE 200D1Y00 FOC 500C6Y00 FPE 200C1Y00 FPE 200C4Y00 FPE 200D1Y00 FSA 200C1Y00 FSB 200C1Y00 FSC 200C2Y00 FSC 200C4Y00 FSE 100F6Y01 FSE 200C1Y00 FSE 200C2Y00 FSE 200C6Y00 FSE 200C6Y01 FSE 200C6Y02 FSE 200C6Y15 FSE 200D1Y50 FSE 200D2Y00 FSE 200D2Y50 FSE 200D4Y00 FSE 200E1Y00 FSE 200E2Y00 FSE 200F1Y00 FSE 200F4Y00 FSE 200F6Y00 FSG 200C1Y00 FSL 500C6Y00 FUA 200C1Y00 FUB 200C1Y00 FUC 200C2Y00 FUE 050C2Y10 FUE 100E2Y00 FUE 200C2Y00 FUE 200C4Y00 FUE 200C6Y00 FUE 200D1Y00 FUE 200D2Y00 FUE 200E1Y00 FUE 200F1Y00 FUG 200C1Y00 FUL 200D2Y00 FWE 200C1Y00 FWE 200C2Y00 Faser Kst d=0.5 D=1.0 duplex Faser Kst d=0.5 D=1.0 simplex Faser Kst d=1.0 D=2.2 duplex Faser Kst d=1.0 D=2.2 simplex Faser Kst d=1.5 D=2.2 duplex Faser Kst d=1.5 D=2.2 simplex FVDM 15N5103 FVDM 15N5103/S14 FVDM 15P5103 FVDM 15P5103/S14 FVDM 15P5130 FVDM 15P5130/S14 FZAM 30N5001 FZAM 30N5004 FZAM 30P5001 FZAM 30P5004 FZAM 18N1150 FZAM 18N1155 FZAM 18N6460 FZAM 18N6460/S14 FZAM 18P1150 FZAM 18P6460 FSE 025B1001 FSE 025B1003 FSE 025B1007 FSE 025B2001 FSE 025B2002 FSE 025B2003 FSE 025B2006 FSE 025B4003 FSE 025B4004 FSE 025B4006 FSE 050A1001 FSE 050A1003 FSE 050A1006 FSE 050A2001 FSE 050A2002 FSE 050A2003 FSE 050A2006 FSE 050A3020 FSE 050A4003 FSE 050A4004 FSE 050A4006 FSE 050B1001 FSE 050B1003 FSE 050B1007 FSE 050B2001 FSE 050B2002 FSE 050B2003 FSE 050B2006 FSE 050B4003 FSE 050B4004 FSE 050B4006 FSE 100A1001 FSE 100A1003 FSE 100A1006 FSE 100A2001 FSE 100A2002 FSE 100A2003 FSE 100A2006 FSE 100A3020 FSE 100A4003 FSE 100A4004 FSE 100A4006 FSF 025B1001 FSF 025B1005 FSF 025B1007 FSF 025B2001 FSF 025B2002 FSF 025B2005 FSF 025B2006 FSF 025B4002 FSF 025B4003 FSF 025B4004 FSF 050A1001 FSF 050A1002 FSF 050A1005 FSF 050A2001 FSF 050A2002 FSF 050A2004 FSF 050A2005 FSF 050A3020 FSF 050A3021 FSF 050A3022 FSF 050A4002 FSF 050A4003 FSF 050A4004 FSF 050B1001 FSF 050B1005 FSF 050B1007 FSF 050B2001 FSF 050B2002 FSF 050B2005 FSF 050B2006 FSF 050B4002 FSF 050B4003 FSF 050B4004 FSF 100A1001 FSF 100A1002 FSF 100A1005 FSF 100A2001 FSF 100A2002 FSF 100A2004 FSF 100A2005 FSF 100A3020 FSF 100A3021 FSF 100A3022 FSF 100A4002 FSF 100A4003 FSF 100A4004 FUE 025B1001 FUE 025B1002 FUE 025B1003 FUE 025B1008 FUE 025B1011 FUE 025B2001 FUE 025B2002 FUE 025B2003 FUE 025B2004 FUE 025B2008 FUE 025B2011 FUE 025B3001 FUE 025B4003 FUE 025B4004 FUE 025B4005 FUE 050A1001 FUE 050A1002 FUE 050A1003 FUE 050A1008 FUE 050A1011 FUE 050A2001 FUE 050A2002 FUE 050A2003 FUE 050A2004 FUE 050A2008 FUE 050A2011 FUE 050A3001 FUE 050A4003 FUE 050A4004 FUE 050A4005 FUE 050B1001 FUE 050B1002 FUE 050B1003 FUE 050B1008 FUE 050B1011 FUE 050B2001 FUE 050B2002 FUE 050B2003 FUE 050B2004 FUE 050B2008 FUE 050B2011 FUE 050B3001 FUE 050B4003 FUE 050B4004 FUE 050B4005 FUE 100A1001 FUE 100A1002 FUE 100A1003 FUE 100A1008 FUE 100A1011 FUE 100A2001 FUE 100A2002 FUE 100A2003 FUE 100A2004 FUE 100A2008 FUE 100A2011 FUE 100A3001 FUE 100A4003 FUE 100A4004 FUE 100A4005 FUF 025B1001 FUF 025B1002 FUF 025B1003 FUF 025B1005 FUF 025B1011 FUF 025B2001 FUF 025B2002 FUF 025B2003 FUF 025B2004 FUF 025B2005 FUF 025B2011 FUF 025B3001 FUF 025B4002 FUF 025B4006 FUF 025B4008 FUF 050A1001 FUF 050A1003 FUF 050A1005 FUF 050A1007 FUF 050A1011 FUF 050A2001 FUF 050A2003 FUF 050A2004 FUF 050A2005 FUF 050A2007 FUF 050A2011 FUF 050A3001 FUF 050A4002 FUF 050A4004 FUF 050A4005 FUF 050B1001 FUF 050B1002 FUF 050B1003 FUF 050B1005 FUF 050B1011 FUF 050B2001 FUF 050B2002 FUF 050B2003 FUF 050B2004 FUF 050B2005 FUF 050B2011 FUF 050B3001 FUF 050B4002 FUF 050B4006 FUF 050B4008 FUF 100A1001 FUF 100A1003 FUF 100A1005 FUF 100A1007 FUF 100A1011 FUF 100A2001 FUF 100A2003 FUF 100A2004 FUF 100A2005 FUF 100A2007 FUF 100A2011 FUF 100A3001 FUF 100A4002 FUF 100A4004 FUF 100A4005 FUH 010A2002 FUH 010B2001 FUH 010B2002 ZADM 023H151.0001 ZADM 023H151.0002 ZADM 023H151.0011 ZADM 023H151.0012 ZADM 023H300.0001 ZADM 023H300.0002 ZADM 023H300.0011 ZADM 023H300.0012 ZADM 023H351.0001 ZADM 023H351.0002 ZADM 023H351.0011 ZADM 023H351.0012 ZADM 023H871.0001 ZADM 023H871.0002 ZADM 023H871.0011 ZADM 023H871.0012 ZADM 034I240.0001 ZADM 034I240.0021 ZADM 034P240.6901 ZADM 034P240.6921 FLDK 110C1003/S42 FLDK 110G1003/S14 FLDK 110G1003/S42 FLDK 110G1005/S14 FLDK 110G1005/S42 FLDK 110G1010/S14 FLDM 170C1011/S42 FLDM 170C1030/S42 FLDM 170G1011/S42 FLDM 170G1030/S42 FCDM 082J0237/02.5 FCDM 082I0237/02.5 FCDM 082B0237/02.5 FCDM 082J0477/02.5 FCDM 082I0477/02.5 FCDM 082B0477/02.5 FCDM 082J0717/02.5 FCDM 082I0717/02.5 FCDM 082B0717/02.5 FCDM 082J0957/02.5 FCDM 082I0957/02.5 FCDM 082B0957/02.5 FCDM 082J1197/02.5 FCDM 082I1197/02.5 FCDM 082B1197/02.5 FCDM 082J1437/02.5 FCDM 082I1437/02.5 FCDM 082B1437/02.5 FCDM 082J1677/02.5 FCDM 082I1677/02.5 FCDM 082B1677/02.5 FCDM 082J0235/05.0 FCDM 082I0235/05.0 FCDM 082B0235/05.0 FCDM 082J0475/05.0 FCDM 082I0475/05.0 FCDM 082B0475/05.0 FCDM 082J0715/05.0 FCDM 082I0715/05.0 FCDM 082B0715/05.0 FCDM 082J0955/05.0 FCDM 082I0955/05.0 FCDM 082B0955/05.0 FCDM 082J1195/05.0 FCDM 082I1195/05.0 FCDM 082B1195/05.0 FCDM 082J1435/05.0 FCDM 082I1435/05.0 FCDM 082B1435/05.0 FCDM 082J1675/05.0 FCDM 082I1675/05.0 FCDM 082B1675/05.0 FCDM 012J0150/10.0 FCDM 012A0150/10.0 FCDM 012J0310/10.0 FCDM 012A0310/10.0 FCDM 012J0470/10.0 FCDM 012A0470/10.0 FCDM 012J0630/10.0 FCDM 012A0630/10.0 FCDM 012J0790/10.0 FCDM 012A0790/10.0 FCDM 012J0950/10.0 FCDM 012A0950/10.0 FCDM 012J1110/10.0 FCDM 012A1110/10.0 FCDM 012J1270/10.0 FCDM 012A1270/10.0 FCDM 012J1430/10.0 FCDM 012A1430/10.0 FCDM 012J1590/10.0 FCDM 012A1590/10.0 FCDM 012J0150/50.0 FCDM 012J0350/50.0 FCDM 012J0550/50.0 FCDM 012J0750/50.0 FCDM 012J0950/50.0 FCDM 012J1150/50.0 FCDM 012J1350/50.0 FCDM 012J1550/50.0 FKDM 22N1901/S14F FKDM 22N1902/S14F FKDM 22P1901/S14F FKDM 22P1902/S14F FKDM 22N1911/S14F FKDM 22P1911/S14F FKDM 22P3901/S14F FKDM 22P3902/S14F OZDK 10N5150 OZDK 10N5150/S35A OZDK 10P5150 OZDK 10P5150/S35A OZDM 16N1001 OZDM 16N1001/S14 OZDM 16P1001 OZDM 16P1001/S14 OZDM 16P1901 OZDM 16P1901/S14 OZDM 16P3001 OZDM 16P3001/S14 UDDK 30N6103 UDDK 30P6103 UDDK 30P6103/S14 UEDK 20P6103/S35A UEDK 30N5103 UEDK 30P5103 UNAM 12I9912/S14 UNAM 12N1912/S14 UNAM 12N1914/S14D UNAM 12N3912/S14 UNAM 12N3914/S14D UNAM 12P1912/S14 UNAM 12P1914/S14D UNAM 12P3912/S14 UNAM 12U9912/S14 UNAM 12U9914/S14D UNAM 18N1803 UNAM 18N3803 UNAM 18P1803 UNAM 18P3803 UNAM 18P6703/S14 UNAM 18P6903/S14F UNAM 18P6903/S14H UNAM 18U6903/S14F UNAM 18U6903/S14H UNAM 30I6103 UNAM 30I6803/S14 UNAM 30N1104/S14 UNAM 30N3104/S14 UNAM 30P1104/S14 UNAM 30P3104/S14 UNAM 30U6103 UNAM 30U9103 UNAM 30U9103/S14 UNAM 50I6121 UNAM 50I6121/S14 UNAM 50I6821/S14 UNAM 50N1721 UNAM 50N1721/S14 UNAM 50N3721 UNAM 50N3721/S14 UNAM 50P1721 UNAM 50P1721/S14 UNAM 50P1821/S14 UNAM 50P3721 UNAM 50P3721/S14 UNAM 50U6121 UNAM 50U6121/S14 UNAM 50U9121 UNAM 50U9121/S14 UNAR 18I6903/S14G UNAR 18I6912/S14G UNAR 18N6903/S14G UNAR 18N6912/S14G UNAR 18N7903/S14G UNAR 18N7912/S14G UNAR 18P6903/S14G UNAR 18P6912/S14G UNAR 18P7903/S14G UNAR 18P7912/S14G UNAR 18U6903/S14G UNAR 18U6912/S14G UNDK 10N8914 UNDK 10N8914/KS35A UNDK 10N8914/S35A UNDK 10P8914 UNDK 10P8914/KS35A UNDK 10P8914/S35A UNDK 10U6914 UNDK 10U6914/KS35A UNDK 10U6914/S35A UNDK 20I6903/S35A UNDK 20I6912/S35A UNDK 20N6903/S35A UNDK 20N6912/S35A UNDK 20N7903/S35A UNDK 20N7912/S35A UNDK 20P6703/S35A UNDK 20P6903/S35A UNDK 20P6912/S35A UNDK 20P7903/S35A UNDK 20P7912/S35A UNDK 20U6903/S35A UNDK 20U6912/S35A UNDK 30I6112 UNDK 30I6112/S14 UNDK 30I6113 UNDK 30I6113/KS34A UNDK 30I6113/S14 UNDK 30I6803/S14 UNDK 30N1703 UNDK 30N1712 UNDK 30N1713 UNDK 30N1713/S14 UNDK 30N1812/S14 UNDK 30N1813 UNDK 30N1813/S14 UNDK 30N3703 UNDK 30N3712 UNDK 30N3713 UNDK 30N3713/S14 UNDK 30N3813 UNDK 30N3813/S14 UNDK 30P1703 UNDK 30P1712 UNDK 30P1713 UNDK 30P1713/S14 UNDK 30P1803 UNDK 30P1803/S14 UNDK 30P1812 UNDK 30P1812/S14 UNDK 30P1813/S14 UNDK 30P3703 UNDK 30P3712 UNDK 30P3713 UNDK 30P3713/S14 UNDK 30P3803/S14 UNDK 30P3812/S14 UNDK 30P3813 UNDK 30P3813/S14 UNDK 30U6112 UNDK 30U6112/S14 UNDK 30U6113 UNDK 30U6113/S14 UNDK 30U6803/S14 UNDK 30U6804/S14 UNDK 30U9103 UNDK 30U9103/S14 UNDK 30U9112 UNDK 30U9112/S14 UNDK 30U9113 UNDK 30U9113/S14 URAM 50N1721 URAM 50N1721/S14 URAM 50N3721 URAM 50N3721/S14 URAM 50P1721 URAM 50P1721/S14 URAM 50P3721 URAM 50P3721/S14 URAM 50P6121 URAM 50P6121/S14 URAM 50P7121 URAM 50P7121/S14 URDK 10N8914 URDK 10N8914/KS35A URDK 10N8914/S35A URDK 10P8914 URDK 10P8914/KS35A URDK 10P8914/S35A URDK 20N6903/S35A URDK 20N6912/S35A URDK 20N6914/S35A URDK 20N7903/S35A URDK 20N7912/S35A URDK 20N7914/S35A URDK 20P6903/S35A URDK 20P6912/S35A URDK 20P6914/S35A URDK 20P7903/S35A URDK 20P7912/S35A URDK 20P7914/S35A URDK 30N1703 URDK 30N1703/S14 URDK 30N3703 URDK 30N3703/S14 URDK 30P1703 URDK 30P1803 URDK 30P1803/S14 URDK 30P3703 URDK 30P3703/S14 URDK 30P7104/S14 USDK 20D9003/S35A USDK 30D9003 UZAM 30N6103/S14 UZAM 30P6103 UZAM 30P6803 UZAM 30P6803/S14C UZAM 50N6121 UZAM 50N6121/S14 UZAM 50P6121 UZAM 50P6121/S14 UZAM 50P6921/S14C UZAM 50P7121/S14 UZDK 30N6112/S14 UZDK 30N7103 UZDK 30P6103 UZDK 30P6104 UZDK 30P6112 UZDK 30P6112/S14 UZDK 30P6113 UZDK 30P6113/S14 UZDK 30P6803/S14C UZDK 30P6903/S14C UZDK 30P7103/S14 UZDK 30P7113/S14 MY-COM A100/200 MY-COM A100/300 MY-COM A100/80 MY-COM A100/80/K527 MY-COM A100/S35 MY-COM A30/80 MY-COM A30/S35 MY-COM A50/200 MY-COM A50/80 MY-COM A50/S35 MY-COM A75/200 MY-COM A75/200/K501 MY-COM A75/250 MY-COM A75/80 MY-COM A75/80/TF MY-COM A75/S35 MY-COM B100/200 MY-COM B100/300/K517 MY-COM B100/500 MY-COM B100/80 MY-COM B30/200 MY-COM B30/80 MY-COM B50/200 MY-COM B50/500 MY-COM B50/80 MY-COM B75/200 MY-COM B75/300 MY-COM B75/350 MY-COM B75/80 MY-COM BS100 MY-COM BS150 MY-COM BS30 MY-COM BS50 MY-COM BS75 MY-COM C100/200 MY-COM C100/80 MY-COM C100/80/K501 MY-COM C100/S35 MY-COM C30/200 MY-COM C30/80 MY-COM C50/80 MY-COM C50/S35 MY-COM C75/200 MY-COM C75/250 MY-COM C75/80 MY-COM C75/S35 MY-COM C75P/508027 MY-COM D250/200 MY-COM D250/300 MY-COM D250/80 MY-COM D250/G75P/200 MY-COM D250/G75P/500 MY-COM D250/G75PS35L MY-COM D250/S35 MY-COM E100/200 MY-COM E100/500 MY-COM E100/80 MY-COM E100P/200/L MY-COM E75/200 MY-COM E75/500 MY-COM E75/80 MY-COM E75N80/L MY-COM E75P/200/L MY-COM E75P/500/L MY-COM E75P/L/K514 MY-COM E75P80 MY-COM E75P80/L MY-COM F100/200 MY-COM F100/80 MY-COM F100/S35 MY-COM F30/200 MY-COM F30/500 MY-COM F30/80 MY-COM F30/S35 MY-COM F50/80 MY-COM F50/S35 MY-COM F75/200 MY-COM F75/80 MY-COM F75/S35 MY-COM G150P/S35L MY-COM G150P80L MY-COM G30P/S35L MY-COM G75N/200/L MY-COM G75N/400 MY-COM G75N/500 MY-COM G75N/S35L MY-COM G75N80 MY-COM G75N80/L MY-COM G75P/100/L MY-COM G75P/150 MY-COM G75P/200 MY-COM G75P/200/L MY-COM G75P/250/K517 MY-COM G75P/300 MY-COM G75P/300/L MY-COM G75P/400/L MY-COM G75P/500 MY-COM G75P/500/L MY-COM G75P/L/K514 MY-COM G75P/S35L MY-COM G75P/S8L MY-COM G75P80 MY-COM G75P80/L MY-COM H150/200/BL MY-COM H150/300/BL MY-COM H75/150 MY-COM H75/200 MY-COM H75/200/K501 MY-COM H75/300 MY-COM H75/500 MY-COM H75/80 MY-COM H75/S35 MY-COM L150P/S35L MY-COM L150P/S8L MY-COM L75N/500/L MY-COM L75N/S35L MY-COM L75N200L/K501 MY-COM L75N80/L MY-COM L75P/200/L MY-COM L75P/500/L MY-COM L75P/S35L MY-COM L75P300L/K501 MY-COM L75P500L/K501 MY-COM L75P80 MY-COM L75P80/L MY-COM M100P/80 MY-COM M75/80 MY-COM M75/S35 MY-COM M75N/S35 MY-COM M75N80 MY-COM M75P/S35 MY-COM M75P/S35L MY-COM M75P500 MY-COM M75P80 MY-COM M75P80/L MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPA022 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPB048 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPA006 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPA008 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPA012 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPA5Z8 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPA020 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPB006 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPB008 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPB012 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPB5Z8 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPB020 MEFK 10G24/xxxxAXPB1Z0 MDFK 08G2101 MDFK 08G2124/N16 MDFK 08G8124/N8 MDFK 08G8124 MDFK 08T7101 MDFK 08T7105/N16 MDFK 08T8101 MDFK 08T8105/N16 MDFK 10G8124/N32 MDFK 10G8124/N64 MDFK 10T8105/N32 MDFK 10T8105/N64 MDRM 18I9524/A270 MDRM 18I9524/S14A270 MDRM 18I9524/C270 MDRM 18I9524/S14C270 MDRM 18U9501 MDRM 18U9524 MDRM 18I9524 MDFM 20I9424/A270 MDFM 20I9424/KS35A270 MDFM 20I9424/C270 MDFM 20I9424/KS35C270 MDRM 18U9504/A360 MDRM 18U9504/S14A360 MDRM 18U9505/C360 MDRM 18U9505/S14C360 MDFM 20U9404/A360 MDFM 20U9404/KS35A360 MDFM 20U9405/C360 MDFM 20U9405/KS35C360 MLFK 10G2124/N50 MLFK 10G2124/N100 MLFK 10T7105/N50 MLFK 10T7105/N100 MLFK 08G2101 MLFK 08T7101 MHRM 12G5501 MHRM 12G5501/S14 MHRM 12G2501 IHRM 12P1501 MRAP X32/031X022 MRAP X36/031X022 MRAP X50/056X048 MRAP X64/056X048 MSAP X32/031X006 MSAP X36/031X006 MSAP X50/056X025 MSAP X64/056X025 MSAP Z32/040X006 MSAP Z36/040X006 MSAP Z50/066X025 MSAP Z64/066X025 FTAR 013A000 FTAR 017A000 FTAR 020A000 FTAR 036A000 FTDF 005I040 FTDF 012M050 FTDF 020F020 FTDF 020I175 FTDF 035I395 FTDF 050M234 FTDL 005I000 FTDL 020I000 FTDL 035I000 FTDL 050I000 FTDL 050K000 FTDL 610I000 FTDR 005I040 FTDR 008M030/01 FTDR 008M030/21 FTDR 010A014 FTDR 010D020 FTDR 015A038 FTDR 017A027 FTDR 020I175 FTDR 029A046 FTDR 035I395 FTDR 047A048 ES 14 PG7 4Pol ES 14C PG7 5Pol ES 18 PG7 ES 18C PG7 5Pol ES 21 gerade ES 21A gerade ES 22 gewinkelt ES 22A gewinkelt ES 24P ES 27A ES 27D ES 30.2 ES 31/KS 34P1 ES 31/KS 34P2 ES 31/KS 35P0,6 ES 31/KS 35P1 ES 31/KS 35P2 ES 31/KS 35P3 ES 31A/KS 32A0.25 ES 31AP10B ES 31AP5B ES 32/KS 33P0.6 ES 32/KS 34P1 ES 32/KS 34P2 ES 32/KS 35P0,25 ES 32/KS 35P0,6 ES 32/KS 35P1 ES 32/KS 35P3 ES 32A/KS 33AP0.6 ES 32A/KS 33AP1.5 ES 32A/KS 34AP1 ES 32A/KS 34AP2 ES 32AP5B ES 33A/KS 34AP1 ES 33A/KS 34AP2 ES 33AP2B ES 33AP5B ES 33CP2 ES 33CP5 ES 33CP5B ES 34A/KS 33AP0.6 ES 34A/KS 33AP1.5 ES 34A/KS 34AP1 ES 34A/KS 34AP2 ES 34A/KS33AP0.6 ES 34AP2B ES 34AP5B ES 34CP2 ES 34CP2B ES 34CP5 ES 34CP5B ES 4AN5L ES 4AP5L ES 8 ES 8.5 ES 8A ES 8A5 ES 9 ES 9.5 ES 9A ES 9A4 ES 9A5 ESG 05SP0200 ESG 05SP0500 ESG 05SP1000 ESG 09SH0200 ESG 09SH0500 ESG 09SH1000 ESG 32AH1000 ESG 32AP0500G ESG 32SH1000 ESG 34AH1000 ESG 34FP0200B ESG 34FP0500B ESG 34FP1000B ESG 34SH1000 ESW 05SP0200 ESW 05SP0500 ESW 08A/KSG34AH0100 ESW 08SH0200 ESW 08SH0500 ESW 31A/KSG34AH0200 ESW 31AH1000 ESW 31AP0500G ESW 31SH0300 ESW 31SH1000 ESW 33AH1000 ESW 33SH1000 Adapter US-IND-Ext-Tea. M12 Bef.Winkel L kompl. Zub. Opto Bef.Winkel U kompl. Zub. Opto Bef.zu Init. M 5* 0.75 d=3 Bef.zu Init. M 6* 0.75 d=4 Bef.zu Init. M 8* 0.75 d=6.5 Befestigungswinkel Serie 13 Sensor-Testgrät Adapter Serie 30 PNP/NPN Konverter Dose 6-Pol gerade SCATEC Dose 6-Pol abgew. SCATEC Dose 8-Pol gerade SCATEC Dose 8-Pol abgew. SCATEC FTDF 025F025 Nutenstein SpiderScan SIFK 60G/AL Konverter RS232 Blende konf. FZAM 18 Linsen Blende konf. FZAM 30 Linsen Flachrundkabel konf. 20*AWG28 Flachrundkabel konf. 20*AWG28 Flachrundkabel konf. 20*AWG28 IPS 70/ 1 Impulsscheibe IPS 70/100 Impulsscheibe IPS 70/60 Impulsscheibe Justierung 15.1* 2.3 FZA 18 Klemmblock D= 1.1 Klemmblock D= 2.3 Klemmblock D= 6.5 Klemmblock D= 8 Klemmblock D=20 Lichtleiteradapter L=5000 Lichtleiterverlängerung 2m Lichtleiterverlängerung 5m Linsenaufsatz M3 Linsenaufsatz M4 LL-Linsenaufsatz M 2.6* 8.7 LL-Linsenaufsatz M 2.6* 9.8 LL-Linsenaufsatz M 3.0*10.5 LL-Linsenaufsatz M 3.0*17.0 LL-Linsenaufsatz M 3.0*17.0 Minofix Serie 07 Befestigungsstift F04 Alu-Profilbefestigung F04 Montagebügel M3 Tastkopf 113 Montagebügel M4 Tastkopf 114 Montagebügel M6 Tastkopf 116 Montageplatte Scatec Montageplatte UxDK 10 Mutter RD M 12 *1 FVD 15 Mutter RD M 18 *1 FZA18 Mutter RD M 18 *1 FZA18 Mutter RD M 30 *1.5 FZA30 Mutter RN M 18 *1 FZA18 P/N-CONVERTER/ESG 32S P/N-CONVERTER/ESG 34S Prüfgerät für Initiator Prüfgerät für Initiator/analog Reduktion D 4.3/2.0 *21 ScaDiag-Kit SCATEC-10 ScaDiag-Kit SCATEC-15 ScaDiag-Kit SCATEC-2/S14 ScaDiag-Kit SCATEC-2/S42 Scheibe 15.2* 1.0 Scheibe 28.0* 1.0 Schlitzblende 27*0.05 / 10.5mm Schneidmesser Schutzscheibe OADM 20 Sensofix Basic Sensofix Serie 08 RD Sensofix Serie 10/20 Sensofix Serie 12 Sensofix Serie 12 RD Sensofix Serie 13 Sensofix Serie 14 Sensofix Serie 16 Sensofix Serie 18 RD Sensofix Serie 18/20 Proxi Sensofix Serie 30 Proxi Spüllufthalterung in Pl.sack Umlenkblech U20 40*50*1,5 Umlenkwinkel L UxDK 10 Umlenkwinkel R UxDK 10 Umlenkwinkel Set UxDK 10 U-Stück 26.0*16.7 FZA 30 Verstellwinkel als Set Winkel 13 *35 * 8.8 Winkel 22 *35 * 8.8 Winkel 25 *64 *26 Winkel 30 *50 *50 Winkel 34 *20.6*26.6 Winkel 36 *26 *55 Winkel 58 *18 *40 Winkel 75 *18 *50 Winkel 76.5*26.5* 2 Winkel 10 *35 * 7.6

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